Berwick Montuna Golf Club

PROJECT: Installation of sealed cart paths
ASK:  $300,000
STATUS: Funding committed

In the rolling hills of Guys Hill, 44km east of Melbourne, lies Berwick Montuna Golf Club. Berwick Montuna offers both its golf course and driving range seven days a week to the public and has clubhouse facilities accessible to the local community for functions, conferences and charity events.

At the foot of the Dandenong Ranges and alongside Cardinia Creek, the standout features of this course are its beauty and its undulating terrain. The disadvantage is the difficulty for many members and visitors to safely walk the course in some places, especially in winter, affecting enjoyment and also raising the risk of OH&S issues.

In the last decade, the golf club has seen a substantial increase in golfers using motorised vehicles around the course. It is estimated that at least 25% more usage of the wonderful facilities at Berwick Montuna would be possible if the club were to install sealed cart paths throughout the course. This would allow play for golfers of all ages and abilities, year-round. The benefit to the club, its members and casual visitors would be enormous.

“This would be a dream come true for us,” said club president Rob Savage.

“Our beautiful golf course could be enjoyed by so many more people if we had sealed paths.”

“This would be a dream come true for us.”

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