Cobram Barooga Golf Club

PROJECT: Future-proofing our fairways
ASK:  $175,000
STATUS: Funding required

Who hasn’t been on a golf trip to Cobram Barooga? With the Murray River region one of Australia’s most visited golf destinations, hosting golf trips for groups of all sorts every week, the river golfing towns are well known by all. And the economic contribution to the local communities along the border is enormous. Accommodation, food and tourism all benefit from the golfing traffic.

Cobram Barooga is one of the bigger of these golfing towns and the two wonderful courses there make for a wonderful experience, as anyone who has been there knows.

But with increasingly hot and dry summers in this region, keeping the courses in good condition for summer players requires responsible management. Investment in drought tolerant grasses and water upgrades helps but significant works to irrigation management are needed.

“Not only is the Cobram Barooga Golf course a key piece of local sporting infrastructure that supports physical activity and social connection of our community, but a critical part of the economy. Each year golf tourism directly drives around 15,000 bed nights and supports accommodation providers, hospitality and tourist businesses. Efficient use and access to water in order to keep the course at a destination standard is vital in remaining competitive and supporting our regional economy,” said Business Development Manager Tony Tranter.

“Efficient water use to keep the course at destination standard is vital in remaining competitive and supporting our regional economy.”


  • Cobram Barooga is one of the biggest and most well-known golfing destinations along the Murray. Its two courses offer a wonderful experience to any golfer, visitor or member.
  • Golf holiday traffic directly supports local businesses as well as the golf club.
  • Improved irrigation management is key to maintaining the excellent standard of condition for Cobram Barooga is renowned.
  • The course quality standard directly affects the viability of tourism and the flow-on benefits to the surrounding community.

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