Hepburn Springs Golf Club

PROJECT: Clubhouse renovations
ASK: $157,000
STATUS: Funding committed

Located in the middle of Victoria’s renowned spa country, Hepburn Springs golf course is unique, charming and well worth a visit. Designed by Samson Bennett, also responsible for Victoria and Woodlands on the Melbourne sandbelt, it is not long but is challenging for all and set on beautiful undulating land, home to abundant wildlife which are actively encouraged. It is, after all, a designated Land for Wildlife precinct and deliberately forested by the club, so it is common to share a round with kangaroos, echidnas, ducks and even a koala or two.

The club, established in 1926, is seeking to future-proof itself in changing times, recognising that traditional revenue will be insufficient. “We need to change and adapt to ensure a viable future,” said club president Patrick Baird.

Mindful of being in a popular tourism trail, including international visitors, the club saw an urgent need to upgrade clubhouse amenities to attract wider community use by members, locals and visitors. With around 250 weddings each year in the area alone plus other events, a modernised building is essential to tap into non-golf business revenue.

It will also assist in the club’s push to support participation by women, juniors and the multicultural community and allow further environmentally sustainable land management practice.

The club was delighted to receive funding for the planned upgrade through the Victorian state government’s November pre-election commitment to support grassroots golf facilities. With work due to begin shortly, Baird said: “We are very grateful to Tony Collier, Cameron Wade and Fiona Telford from Golf Australia for their support and our local member Mary-Anne Thomas, who has been great in supporting our funding submissions.”

“We need to change and adapt to ensure a viable future.”

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