Northam Country Club

PROJECT: Reconfigure golf course to offer shorter course options
ASK: $500,000
STATUS: Funding required

One of the early towns in the Avon Valley, established 1833, Northam possesses an interesting history and charming heritage buildings. It is also home to Northam Country Club, a thoroughly modern sporting club looking towards the future.

The club hosts an 18-hole golf course as well as tennis and squash courts. But it is keen to do more. An exciting project providing shorter course options along with a dedicated picnic area is part of the club’s plan for the future. A future recognising that attracting new people to golf means offering flexible options.

Who could benefit from shorter course play? Students after school; shift workers or home-based workers with flexible hours; seniors or people with disability unable to complete a full 18 holes; corporate players seeking after-work exercise; beginners wanting to hone their game away from scrutiny; young parents with limited time away from family commitments; golfers returning from injury and families looking for a shared activity of short duration.

A picnic area incorporating barbecues, tables and lighting would serve all the above post-game as well as casual visitors. And it’s an area for other fun games. Think bocce and cricket.

Committee member Max Hubble said: “This is an exciting project not just for the club but for the community. It’s a step into the future for us.”

“This is a step into the future for us.”


  • A golf course with shorter course options is a great way to introduce new people to golf and allow established golfers flexibility to plan a game around their needs
  • Strategically placed tee boxes set up the shorter course layout, rather than rebuilding
  • Better facilities not only serve the community, they help the club maintain financial viability through increased membership and community usage
  • Northam Country Club has exciting plans for the future and this project is a fantastic stepping stone

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