Queenscliff Golf Club

PROJECT: Automated irrigation for second nine holes
ASK: $96,000
STATUS: Funding required

Beautiful Queenscliff Golf Club is without doubt one of the most picturesque in Victoria. Nestled on a sand island with views across Port Phillip Bay, it is populated by kangaroos and abundant wildlife. Not for nothing is its home called Swan Island, as these majestic birds mix with Orange Bellied Parrots, Royal Spoonbills, Magpies, Plovers and Pelicans. It is no wonder that many visitors to the seaside region themselves flock to play here.

Being on a sand island, however, means that water need is high. The club has begun instituting an automatic watering system to operate overnight which will obviate the need for manual watering during the day and save water lost through evaporation. Nine holes have been completed but the club is looking for funds to finish the second nine.

Automated irrigation also allows watering of tees and fairways, where currently only the greens can be attended. Imagine how much more beautiful again this grand 130-year old course can become!

“Our course is just such a pretty place, so tranquil, and this will help it be even better,” said committee member Brian Heron.

It will also free up ground staff to concentrate on other tasks, adding further to improved course quality for members and green fee players.

“ Our course is just such a pretty place, so tranquil, and this will help it be even better.”


  • Queenscliff Golf Club is in a popular seaside and golf destination region which attracts many visitors and green fee players
  • An automated irrigation system operating overnight will use water more efficiently and allow for watering of tees and fairways, leading to a better quality playing experience
  • The more golfers play the improved course, the more revenue it creates for the club
  • The beauty of Queenscliff Golf Club will be further enhanced, encouraging more use at both playing and function levels

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