Tam O’Shanter Golf and Community Club

PROJECT: Kitchen upgrade and expansion
ASK: $180,000
STATUS: Funding required

Tam O’Shanter Golf and Community Club is surely a golfer’s mecca. Just the name – that of a men’s Scottish bonnet named after the eponymous hero in a 1790 poem by Scottish poet Robert “Rabbie” Burns – is evocative of the home of golf.

The difference is that here, at a picturesque nine-hole, 18-tee course on the north coast of Tasmania, Burns’ ‘best laid plans of mice and men’ do not ‘gang aft a-gley’ (go awry). Tam O’Shanter has built itself in stages as it could afford – first a wee kitchen, then a bar, followed in turns by a living area, a dining room, and buggy storage.

“It’s a natural but essential progression for us,” said club treasurer Elizabeth Triffitt. “We want to modernise and expand the kitchen.”

The hub of four close-by communities for social functions, as well as serving its 200 members, it is not unusual for the kitchen to serve 100 patrons on Friday nights and 200 at special functions. The current kitchen allows for just three staff where functions require four or five.

In addition, the club is the community assembly point and needs to be able to cater for emergency services at critical times. Then there’s the visitors to the club’s free camping area.

It all needs a bigger and better kitchen!

“It’s a natural but essential progression for us.”


  • Tam O’Shanter Golf and Community Club is a vital hub for its surrounding community. As such, it caters for a number of social functions, catering for more people than its kitchen can currently serve.
  • The kitchen is cramped and therefore hazardous. There is limited bench space.
  • The club is in a coastal village in a picturesque part of Tasmania, just 35 minutes from Barnbougle Dunes and Lost Farm, an area that is popular with tourists and golfers.
  • It is a hard-working club supported by tireless volunteers. A better kitchen facility makes their job easier.

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