Taroom Golf Club

PROJECT: Improved buggy shed and kids playroom
ASK: $45,000
STATUS: Funding required

If ever there was a project that says “future”, it would have to be Taroom’s. A club previously mainly comprised of older members now has its next generation – relatives of earlier members as well as young families from the district.

Taroom has a plan that will accommodate older members with increasing mobility issues and encourage young families at the same time. It is brilliant in its simplicity and will act as a template for other clubs seeking greater female and junior participation.

By moving stored buggies into a secured shed, the existing storage facility can be converted into a kids playroom. Housed within the clubhouse, younger kids can be monitored while their mums are playing or spending time in the clubhouse post-round. A separate area for older kids to practise their golf skills is part of the vision to encourage families and juniors to become familiar with the surroundings and move seamlessly into golf when they wish.

The new three-bay buggy and maintenance equipment storage shed will also allow for extra buggies. This facilitates the ageing population, encourages visitor play and means kids can accompany parents around the course in a cart.

“With this plan, the club future-proofs its sustainability,” said committee member Christie Newton. “Our club is poised for the future.”

“Our club is poised for the future.”


  • Taroom has both older residents and younger families in its community and wants to address both in its plan for its future.
  • Building a new three-bay buggy shed and converting the old one into a kids playroom will encourage greater female and junior participation.
  • Extra buggy storage facility accommodates the needs of the ageing population.
  • Catering for both older and younger members at the same time is a brilliant way to future-proof the club and prove that golf is a game for life.

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