Colac Golf Club

32 Colac-Lavers Hill Rd, Colac, VIC, 3250



New 20 x 10m Cart Shed

This project will provide a place of storage for older members who own a cart and cannot store it at home or have the ability to transport it. This will be particularly beneficial for older members who cannot play without a cart. It will also be used as a storage space for the local community if there is unused space. The new shed will also be used as a place to keep their electrical wing for charging cart batteries.

Colac Golf Club’s previous cart shed burnt down two years ago, and they have been using an old machinery shed that is both unsafe and unsecure. 

Estimated Total Costs: $50,000

Government Funding Required/Seeking: $25,000

Federal Electorate: Wannon

State Electorate: Polwarth