Gove Country Golf Club

62 Beagle Ct, Nhulunbuy, NT, 0880



Essential Infrastructure Upgrades

This project will provides upgrades to corroded sections of the club’s main upright steel supports which have deteriorated over time due to the location and proximity to the ocean and exposure to ailments. Without corrosion control, the facility will struggle with the repercussions. Prevention is less costly than fixing or replacing damaged systems when it is too late. This entails cutting out badly corroded areas of the upright supports. New sections would be welded in, chemically treated and painted. A qualified contractor would need to assess the full scope of damage and identify the areas that need repair.

These upgrades will provide members and guests with a safe, structurally sound clubhouse for them to enjoy for years to come. 

Estimated Total Costs: $100,000

Government Funding Required/Seeking: $100,000

Federal Electorate: Lingiari

State Electorate: Mulka