Innisfail Golf Club

2 Palmerston Dr, Innisfail, QLD, 4860



Grant Proposal

The Innisfail Golf Club is aiming to move their business model away from the traditional Saturday member golf competition club to a multifunctional community facility. This facility will engage the community across age, gender and cultural diversity, by delivering a weather proof facility that aims to increase participation, improve financial outcomes and create greater community engagement.

The Innisfail Golf Club shares a long-standing relationship with the local Mamu indigenous community. They intend to provide access to the facility for the Mamu peoples and other communities for workshops, fundraisers, social events and charity golf days. The club sees this as a great opportunity to become more engaged with their local communities and give back to those that are less fortunate. The proposed name for the facility is the ‘Mamu Room’.

 The upgrades include:

 – Upgrade of men’s toilets and new downstairs disabled toilets

 – Set-up of an indoor training facility for members and junior golfers

 – Installation of solar panels for clubhouse

They aim to begin construction in April 2022, and complete the project by December 2023.

Estimated Total Costs: $80,000

Government Funding Required/Seeking: $55,000

Federal Electorate: Kennedy

State Electorate: Hill