Lang Lang Golf Club

90 Golf Club Rd, Lang Lang, VIC, 3987



Nature & Nurture

The Lang Lang Golf Club are looking to implement a nature and nurture project.

Nature: Native flora regeneration to support Koala colonies. Planting of 100 Peppermint Eucalyptus Trees per year for the next 10 years. Koalas are an endangered species and the current eucalypt forest is reaching the end of its 300-year life cycle. Planting these tress will provide a suitable and safe habitat for the Koalas.

Installation of roof solar panels on maintenance shed. The club aims to reduce its carbon footprint by reducing its need for old form energy. The clubhouse is already solar powered, and the maintenance shed provides the perfect setting to generate more solar energy, to offset the use of coal-fired electricity to pump bore water.

Nurture: Introducing golf to minority and CALD communities via the Dandenong Community Engagement Unit (Victoria Police). Providing golf equipment, tuition and course access as a means of assimilating men and women from the Afghan, Sudan and Indian communities. Introducing minority groups to golf encourages a more tolerant multi-cultural society and allows easier assimilation into the Australian culture.

Estimated Total Costs: $35,000 (then $15,000 per year to maintain)

Government Funding Required/Seeking: $17,500 (50%)

Federal Electorate: McMillan

State Electorate: Bass