Millicent Golf Club

352 Golf Course Rd, Mount Burr, SA, 5279



Upgrades to Irrigation & Clubhouse

The Millicent Golf Club is looking to commence two projects:

An upgrade to their irrigation system

  • They are looking to replace their irrigation system with an automated system that will enable improved maintenance of the course to meet the growing demands with increased levels of use. The maintenance of the course is in control of volunteers and a part-time greenkeeper, so an automated irrigation system would relieve a lot of strain and time.

Rebuild the clubhouse

  • The current clubhouse was constructed in the 1960s by volunteers and it is dangerous in its current state as the roof is starting to collapse. The OHS issues that are caused by the current clubhouse is creating the need for immediate action. A new clubhouse is the most appropriate course of action for the club to take for the safety of its members, guests and staff.

Estimated Total Costs: $150,000 – $175,000 (Irrigation) $750,000 – $900,000 (Clubhouse)

Government Funding Required/Seeking: As much as possible

Federal Electorate: Barker

State Electorate: MacKillop