Snake Valley Golf Club

39 Snake Valley-Chepstowe Rd, Snake Valley, VIC, 3351



Machinery Shed Upgrade

The Snake Valley Golf Club is planning to build a 12x20m shed to store their machinery, because they currently store their machinery in the same shed as their golf carts. This is becoming increasingly difficult and impractical, as they have to move carts every time they need to access the machinery. There is also an increase in older members who need to store their carts which further increases the need for a separate machinery shed.

As a volunteer-operated club, whose membership is growing, the Snake Valley Golf Club are trying to make continuous improvements to encourage more members, and they feel that having more space to store carts for guests would significantly help in this area. 

Estimated Total Costs: $55,000

Government Funding Required/Seeking: As much as possible

Federal Electorate: Wannon

State Electorate: Ripon